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Rodney Makes A Friend (Audio/Video Version)

Rodney Makes A Friend (Audio/Video Version)


Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download a ZIP file containing your video version of Rodney Makes a Friend. This narrated version allows you to pause and play the book at your own pace while following along to the beautiful imagery on each page.


The download link will be active for 30 days after purchase. 


  • Description

    Pediatricians and child psychologists agree that stress can be a major problem for even young children. It seems learning how to be resilient, even at a young age, could be an essential life skill. Research has shown that one of the most powerful ways to increase resilience is through the support of others, such as forming friendships. This book, Rodney Makes a Friend, tells the story of how a shy and lonely rabbit makes friends by learning the secret of The Golden Rule of Friendship. The Golden Rule of Friendship not only fosters friendships, it may actually help build social intelligence through the practice of "perspective taking." Perspective taking is when we try to view the world as others see it, think about it, and feel it. Through perspective taking, the child learns to become more "other-oriented," not just self-absorbed. Social intelligence is believed to be an important predictor of success in life. The Practice of Rodney's Golden Rule of Friendship may foster social intelligence and change the way a child views the world.


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