One-on-One Coaching

Are you looking to move up to that next level of leadership? Take on a larger team or new projects? Maybe you are just starting out and want to be the best version of yourself. One-on-One coaching is an excellent way to get you there!


I believe a good coach gets you thinking. My curious nature and use of appreciative inquiry allows me to support you in getting to those AHA moments of insight.  I use a brain-based process of quality conversations to support you in discovering solutions to the challenges you are experiencing. This deliberate process creates an environment that results in your growth, purposeful action, and sustained improvement.

How It Works:

To get started, we set up a discovery call. We both get to ask questions and get to know one another. This helps us determine if it makes sense for us to work together. If we feel coaching is the best next step, we come to agreement on the details. My coaching sessions are done virtually using Zoom video-conferencing. Contact me to set up that discovery call!

Team Development

Team development is truly about building the capabilities of the individuals on your team so they add progressively more value as they grow. Your team development efforts will not only pay off for your team but for the larger organization.


I will partner with you to gain insight and understanding about your unique needs, goals, and desires. We will work together to assess the reality of what is happening now and the gap that exists between that reality and the future you want to create. Our collaboration will result in a plan that will bring out the best in your team. I am committed to growing the capabilities of the people on your team and my efforts and energy will result in helping you create a strong bench of capable leaders.

How It Works:

Let’s talk! The first step is to contact me and set up a discovery call. On that call we will ask each other a number of questions and determine if working together makes sense. If it does, we will work out the details and set up next steps. Contact me and set up that discovery call!

Learning Event and Retreat Facilitation

Let’s plan an event or retreat your group will remember! I will work with you to design the ideal event for your team. Through our partnership, you will share with me your hopes and intentions for the event and together we will create a plan to ensure the outcomes you want.


I will use my coaching and consulting skills to help you clearly identify your goals for the event and the outcomes you are hoping to achieve. From there we will build a plan for not only the event but for sustainment and application as well. I want your retreat to be memorable and fun as well as have long term benefit to your team’s effectiveness.

How It Works:

I customize this service to meet your team’s needs. It can include opportunities for leadership coaching, follow up sustainment activities, and/or professional development for your team. It is an ideal experience for a team at the launch of a new project, an organizational restructure, a time to pause for reflection, or to conclude a major project.  Ready to explore partnering with me to make your next meeting or retreat the best one yet? Contact me to set up a discovery call!


Gina is a true professional and a dream to work with. Gina is highly detail orientated and is a natural leadership learning consultant. Not only does Gina identify performance gaps in the organization, she makes highly intuitive recommendations and designs learning solutions to help develop team and company growth. I enjoyed working with Gina and highly recommend her for anyone needing help creating performance based solutions to specifically address business needs.

Hayley Myers Paulson, Content Developer, Concentra

Thank you so much for leading us in team building and professional development during our Annual Team Retreat. You're amazing!

Dr. Rochelin Herold, Maryland Spine Institute

"At the heart of great leadership is a curious mind, heart, and spirit." - Chip Conley