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Event Facilitation

Who says learning can’t be fun? In fact, the latest brain science tells us that when we have fun during learning, our retention of the material goes way up.  I use a facilitation approach that is radically effective, scientifically based, and multi-disciplinary for leading both in-person (retreats, workshops, & conferences), as well as in the virtual environment. I will work with you and your team to intentionally design an event that has connection, inclusion, and belonging at its core. So, let’s plan an event you and your team will remember and benefit from attending!


A learning organization is an organization that truly understands how to learn together - to think, to dialogue, to conceptualize. The methodology I use leverages fundamental Experiential Learning practices in every group, thoughtfully balancing experience with reflection.

How It Works:

By creating an intentionally safe space and asking the right questions, I am able to support your group in crowdsourcing ideas at an exponential rate. We then must move beyond dialogue, to design. Design Thinking inspires faster pathways towards problem solving, innovation and opportunity creation. Ready to explore partnering with me to make your next meeting or retreat the best one yet? 


Contact me to set up a discovery call!


Team Development

Team development is truly about building the capabilities of the individuals on your team, so they add progressively more value as they grow. Your team development efforts will not only pay off for your team but for the larger organization.

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I will facilitate the development of your team by focusing on harnessing the best of what was, what is and what will be. Whether virtually or in-person, instant psychological safety will be created leading to deeper connection and collaboration. Using a proven process, I will guide your team to reaching exponential outcomes and breakthroughs even in the most stuck and confused circumstances.

How It Works:

By using generative, solutions-focused questions, I facilitate the group in getting to a place of innovation, creativity and new ways of approaching problems. My use of active learning experiences unlocks collective wisdom and skyrockets the value to participants! In this digital age, whole-system leadership is required to answer questions and create viable solutions together. Contact me to chat about this process!

Contact me and we will set up a discovery call!

Professional Coaching 

Are you looking to move up to that next level of leadership? Take on a larger team or new projects? Maybe you are just starting out and want to be the best version of yourself. One-on-One coaching is an excellent way to get you there!


A great coach gets you thinking. My curious nature and use of appreciative inquiry will support you in getting to those AHA moments of insight and making the positive changes you seek to make.  I use a brain-based process of quality conversations to support you in discovering solutions to the challenges you are experiencing. This deliberate process creates an environment that results in your growth, purposeful action, and sustained improvement.

How It Works:

To get started, we set up a discovery call. We both get to ask questions and get to know one another. This helps us determine if it makes sense for us to work together. If we feel coaching is the best next step, we come to agreement on the details. My coaching sessions are done virtually using Zoom video-conferencing. Contact me to set up that discovery call!


Strategic Planning

Why not spend more energy on what you do well and how you can create a strategic advantage? What gives you energy to take action? What gives you confidence to set a stretch goal and achieve results? These are just a few of the questions I will ask you when we work through the strategy formulation and planning framework I will use with your team. I use appreciative and generative inquiry within a framework that allows an organization to plan its most preferred future.   


When it comes to strategic planning, I believe in employing a full-system framework that invites many voices into the process. This framework for strategic thinking, planning and leading focuses on strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results. This process can be used at any level; organization, team, project group, and individual. 

How It Works:

I leverage decades of my own experience, the most relevant neuroscience, and the strengths of your team to guide you to the initiatives and process that align most to your personal or organization’s mission and purpose. Let’s chat to see if working together might make sense!



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Gina is a true professional and a dream to work with. Gina is highly detail orientated and is a natural leadership learning consultant. Not only does Gina identify performance gaps in the organization, she makes highly intuitive recommendations and designs learning solutions to help develop team and company growth. I enjoyed working with Gina and highly recommend her for anyone needing help creating performance based solutions to specifically address business needs.

Hayley Myers Paulson, Content Developer, Concentra

Thank you so much for leading us in team building and professional development during our Annual Team Retreat. You're amazing!

Dr. Rochelin Herold, Maryland Spine Institute


"At the heart of great leadership is a curious mind, heart, and spirit." - Chip Conley

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