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"Rodney Makes a Friend"

By George S. Everly, Jr. PhD; Gina Brelesky; & Andrea N. Everly

Although living through this time of COVID-19 has been scary and stressful it has also allowed us to show our amazing strength and resiliency. Science tells us that human connection and a strong social support group is the best predictor of human resilience. So, as we huddle together, in person or virtually, with the children we love, take this opportunity to build the skills that foster resilience. 


Rodney Makes a Friend focuses on the skills children need to make friends, helping them to build their support network. Listen to the book together and take time to discuss the questions that are sprinkled throughout the book.


Help the children you love to understand what it means to be resilient and that they are absolutely capable of being strong, resilient humans!

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