Exclusive Offer: Access My New Children’s Video Book for Free!

While we're huddled at home, why not build some resilience?

I have seen so many beautiful and touching moments over the last several weeks that have truly brought me joy.  I have so much faith in the human spirit! Even so, there have been times when I have been worried and upset.


Although living through this time of COVID-19 has been scary and stressful it has also allowed us to show our amazing strength and resiliency. Science tells us that human connection and a strong social support group is the best predictor of human resilience. So, as we huddle together, in person or virtually, with the children we love, take this opportunity to build the skills that foster resilience. 


Rodney Makes a Friend focuses on the skills children need to make friends, helping them to build their support network. Listen to the book together and take time to discuss the questions that are sprinkled throughout the book.


Help the children you love to understand what it means to be resilient and that they are absolutely capable of being strong, resilient humans!

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Enjoy this free gift to you and the kids you love during this uncertain and stressful time!

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I’m Gina Brelesky and I am glad you’re here! If you are passionate about developing as a leader, enhancing your team’s performance, and are open to remaining curious, then let’s talk!


I will put my proven track record and over 20 years of success in building high performing teams and growing the capabilities of leaders to work for you! My diverse background includes operations leadership and corporate learning in the human service, health care, and retail industries.

Meeting your unique needs is what’s important. So let’s get to know each other better and see if working together makes sense.  


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A good coach gets you thinking! My goal in coaching is to have you discover solutions to the many challenges you are experiencing by encouraging self-reliant problem solving. In using a deliberate process, I am able to create an environment that results in your growth, purposeful action, and sustained improvement. I employ the latest brain research in my work and incorporate the principles of neuroleadership.

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Our collaboration will result in a plan that will bring out the best in your team. I am committed to growing the capabilities of your team and my efforts and energy will result in helping you create a strong bench of capable leaders.


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Who says learning can’t be fun? In fact, the latest brain science tells us that when we have fun during learning, our retention of the material goes way up.  So let’s plan an event your team will remember and benefit from attending!


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"Gina is one of the highest integrity people I've ever worked with! If she says she's going to do it, she always does and with a smile on her face. She sees the best in others and captures audiences when she facilitates. Because of her kindness and willingness to help, anyone who has the opportunity to work with her is lucky!"

Adair Cates, Founder of First Lead You & Self-Mastery Coach

"I met Gina when I accepted the position as Area Medical Director for the Baltimore Area with Concentra. As I transitioned into this role with very little formal leadership development, she provided me with leadership skills that very few are capable of teaching in such a way that it added value not just to my professional career but as a human being. Her style and approach of teaching about the neuroscience of the mind made wanting to be a high performance leader exciting and allowed me to incorporate my own personal style to make effective changes in such a short period of time."

Dr. Janet Little, Director of Medical Operations, Concentra

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“I had the distinct honor to work with Gina when she consulted on a leadership development initiative with me at Shoprite/Wakefern Food Corp.  Gina took the time to “deep dive” her assessment to ensure the learning experience she delivered truly hit the mark.  She did this through 1:1 interviews with stakeholders & a subset of the participant audience to identify the learning gaps.  Additionally she was asked to provide coaching engagements with some of our mid and senior level leaders, where she employed emotional intelligence, brain science research and coaching techniques to improve the effectiveness and influence of these leaders.  I highly recommend Gina and will look forward to partnerships with her in the future.”

Julie East, Human Resources Leader, Amazon Fulfillment

"Be intelligently curious." -Peter Drucker